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KIRC Volunteer Orientation Information

KIRC Volunteer Orientation


Volunteer List from October 2017 through December 2018
Volunteer List from June 2015 through September 2017
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Volunteer List from September 2013 through December 2014
Volunteer List from January through August 2013


Mahalo for your desire to volunteer your time with the Kahoʿolawe Island Reserve Commission. Currently KIRC is able to facilitate two volunteer groups per month consisting of 15 participants on average. It is a four day commitment that consists of working towards our grant deliverables and restoration projects in a remote environment with often rugged conditions.

It is always a possibility that volunteers must swim on and off the island from our vessel if surf conditions don’t allow for a beach landing. In addition, the 1 hour channel crossing (on a good day) may be as long as 3-4 hours in rough conditions if the weather is not in our favor. A $200.00 access fee is required per person which includes transportation to and from Maui, and all participants must attend a mandatory 1 hour in person orientation.

With the hundreds of inquires we receive annually, KIRC is unable to accommodate the many individual requests to volunteer physically on Kahoʿolawe island. We are currently focusing on working with groups that are affiliated with programs or organizations that have a point of contact/leader that can meet the requirements of KIRC and assume responsibility for all participants. There are many other ways to be of service to the restoration and perpetuation of Kanaloa, one way is to understand the unique history, current projects and cultural significance of the island. Please explore our website and the links below.

*Please note that this would be a volunteer work access. Conditions on Kahoʻolawe are often arid and extreme. Work days are long and sometimes harsh and potentially dangerous, as we will be engaged in work outdoors and exposed to the elements. The scope of volunteer work may include planting a variety of native plants, weeding and removing invasive species, mitigating erosion, performing maintenance at base camp, aiding in meal preparation, cooking and kitchen duties, as well as a range of other tasks to be determined by the KIRC staff.