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KIRC Volunteer Orientation Information

KIRC Volunteer Orientation


Volunteer List from June 2015 through September 2017
Volunteer List from January 2015 through May 2015
Volunteer List from September 2013 through December 2014
Volunteer List from January through August 2013


Mahalo nui loa for your willingness to support our mission. The community’s involvement towards the restoration of Kanaloa is important to all aspects of restoration both physically and spiritually.

This has been a major transitional period for the KIRC due to funding and resources. Therefore, the necessary scaling back of on-island operations and activities has come into effect. Previously we were able to support weekly volunteer trips; today, we have scaled back to smaller and less frequent trips per month.

With the KIRC’s limited capabilities, our priority at this time is to focus on grant funded obligations and to support partnerships that align with our vision for Kahoʻolawe. We greatly appreciate the strong desire folks have to contribute to the healing of the island, but we simple can’t accommodate the many requests we receive.

Other ways you can assist Kahoʻolawe are suggested at: KIRC's Blog. Please visit our Facebook page for information about upcoming outreach events and volunteer efforts occurring on Maui. We just recently launched our Virtual Museum Website, visit the many unique sites of Kahoʻolawe from your computer or phone! Also keep an eye out for emails announcing volunteer activities at our Kīhei site. Not on our announcements list? Please sign up here. . Thank you for your continued support and patience.

*Please note that this would be a volunteer work access. Conditions on Kaho‘olawe are often arid and extreme. Work days are long and sometimes harsh and potentially dangerous, as we will be engaged in work outdoors and exposed to the elements. The scope of volunteer work may include planting a variety of native plants, weeding and removing invasive species, mitigating erosion, performing maintenance at base camp, aiding in meal preparation, cooking and kitchen duties, as well as a range of other tasks to be determined by the KIRC staff.