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Aloha Kahoʻolawe 2017

Citizens like you are essential to good government. Unless we can work together to secure public assistance during the legislative session, restoration of and access to Kahoʻ olawe will be suspended indefinitely. Please visit this page regularly to learn about how you can help. Other important resources include:

Each legislative session is critical to the KIRC's continuation of work on and for Kahoʻolawe. The following bills have been designed to secure funding for preservation, restoration, protection and access to Kahoʻolawe for current and future generations.

  1. HB620 provides general funds to continue KIRC's restoration work on Kahoʻolawe for operational and personnel cost.
  2. HB621 establishes a pilot photovoltaic desalinization project on Kahoʻolawe to demonstrate the feasibility of using solar power to convert seawater into fresh drinking water for Kahoʻolawe inhabitants and irrigation water for create sustainable food crops and coastal restoration.
  3. HB100 This bill is the State Budget and for the first time in history, includes funding for KIRC personnel to continue their restoration work on Kahoʻolawe. We are seeking support of the funding that is currently in the bill and additional funding to support KIRC’s operational cost.

Recent Legislative Activity

  • 2016: 4 bills introduced, HB2034 + SB2582 (general fund request), HB2035 (PV desalinization pilot project) and HB2200 (Public Land Trust funds). HB2034 was supported in the amount of $450K.
  • 2015: 6 bills introduced, HB1235 + SB867 (conveyance tax), HB438 + SB897 (direct appropriation), HB1480 (CIP funds for Kihei center) and SB470 (asset forfeiture). Of these, the CIP bill drove $500K for the Kihei site. A non-KIRC/ DLNR budget bill allocating $1M/ year for 2 years to the KIRC was also passed.
  • 2014: 2 bills introduced, HB2101 & SB2743. #HB2101 reached the last day of session, but was not heard in time for closing. It passed both the House and Senate Hawaiian Affairs (HWN) and Water & Land (WAL) Committees, but did not receive the funding release from the House Finance (FIN) and Senate Ways & Means (WAM) to authorize the funds.

How Can I Help?

  • Host a talk story session in your classroom, office or club to learn more about the KIRC and its programs. Contact kmchugh@kirc.hawaii.gov to arrange for a member of our staff to to get all of your questions answered!
  • Encourage your friends, co-workers and relatives to support funding for Kaho&699olawe. Write letters to your newspaper, call in to radio programs, or become a social media activist. Many elected officials have Facebook and Twitter pages where they regularly post and respond to constituents.
  • Meet your legislators and their assistants in person; you can have a much greater impact when you build relationships with your legislators and their staff. Remember: legislators represent you. Get to know them and share your thoughts on issues that you care about.
  • Submit testimony online in support of our bills: Register with the Hawai&6699i Legislature at capitol.hawaii.gov for hearing notices (which are only given about 24-hours in advance) and look for our announcements at facebook.com/kircmaui
  • Aloha Kahoʻolawe Membership Campaign